Njardarson Group

Pradiptas excellent work on piperidines was accepted in Organic Letters today.  Great work.


Congrats on being selected as finalists for the Earlly Career in Excellence Research Award (David) and a David O'Brien fellowship finalist (Brandon).  We look forward to your talks at the August Student Research Seminar.


Congratulations David on receiving an Honorable Mention by the NSF for your accomplishments and proposal associated with your NSF GRFP application.  Great job David.


Congratulations to our undergraduate student Benton Anderson on being selected to participate in the Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) and most recently on being chosen as Galileo Circle Scholar.


Congratulations Eddie on being nominated by the department to be its candidate for the College of Science exellence in Scholarship award.  Congrats to Candice on being accepted into Pharmacy School and being featured in UofA News (February 25th 2015, "Diversifying the Workforce for Tomorrow's Jobs").  Well done. 


Thanks to Eddie, Brandon and Davids hard work, the long awaited 2013 pharmaceutical poster is finally available.  We have created a NEW design that shows BOTH the 100 highest selling and 100 most prescribed drug products on a single poster.  Furthermore, we have taken some design features from our recent Disease Focused Posters to help make this new posters more appealing and informative.  I hope you all enjoy.


Thanks to outside contributors and our outstanding group members (presenting new syntheses each group meeting and posting on CByD) our database of syntheses featureds on Chemistry By Design has cracked 1300 total syntheses.  Fantastic, lets keep it going and growing.


Eddie's and David's new nitrogen heterocyclic analysis, which was published in J. Med. Chem. last month, has been featured in the popular blog In The Pipeline.  It is also the 3rd most downloaded paper for the month of October.  Brandon's elemental drug analysis paper is the 10th most downloaded J. Med. Chem. paper for the month of October.  Fantastic work and congrats on the response of your work.  THe nitrogen analysis paper has now reached the top most viewed paper list for the year (same as our sulfur/fluorine analysis paper earlier).


Brandon's and Candice's wonderful elemental analysis of drug architectures, which is a follow up to the groups sulfur/fluorine analysis paper was just published in J. Med. Chem. today.  Great job.


Eddie's and David's remarkable first of its kind analysis of the nitrogen heterocyclic structure space of US FDA approved pharmaceuticals just appeared online today in J. Med. Chem.  Great job.


Congrats to Eddie, Brandon and David on excellent talks and Isaac and Pradipta on strong posters at the CBC inaugural research symposium.  Special congrats to Brandon on being selected as the best 2nd year student speaker.


Brilliant.  Congrats on being selected as finalists for this years Marvel as well as 1st and 2nd year Excellence in Research finalists.  We are looking forward to your seminars August 15th.


Today Chemistry By Design celebrates its 3rd birthday.  Thanks to all that have contributed and help make CByD a huge success.  Our database of syntheses has grown from 200 initial total syntheses to 1230+ as of today.  Close to 700,00 visits have been logged and our Apple and Android apps have been downloaded almost 200,000 times.  Looking forward to a 4th year of excellent growth.


Congratulations Eddie on being one of this years Sanofi/Giga Summer Research Assistanship Awardee.  Keep up the great work.


Our Disease focused drug poster project was featured on the front page of UANews today.  Congrats to the Njardarson group poster team.


Matt, who is currently a post-doc with Professor Hergenrother (UIUC), has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at The University of Maine.  Congratulations Matt, fantastic.  Best of luck in your new position.


Congrats Brandon on passing your comprehensive 2nd year exam this morning.


Congrats Pradipta on passing your comprehensive 2nd year exam yesterday. 


Congratulations Diana on your NSF predoctoral fellowship.  Wonderful and well deserved accomplishment.


Congratulations Dr. Boying Guo on being the first Jon's group UofA student to complete their PhD.  Best of luck in your post-doc with Professor Amos Smith, III.


Congratulations for having been nominated by our department as one of this years Galileo Circle Scholarship nominee.


We now have more than 1150 total syntheses in Chemistry By Design (CByD), spanning the years 1937-2014.  Thank you to all who have contributed to the site, keep them coming.  Our website and App's have been visited more than 600,000 times since we launched CByD.


Two new graduate students have joined our group.  Welcome to the team David and Diana.


Congrats on landing an excellent medicinal chemistry position back home in the PRC.  Well deserved.   Your recent vinigrol full paper has been designated as an HOT ARTICLE by the OBC, congrats as well.


We have analyzed in great detail the SULFUR and FLUORINE content of the 2000 small molecules approved by the FDA (displayed in our new Disease Focused Plosters).  This work was recently accepted and published J. Med. Chem. 2014, ASAP.  Our paper was the 2nd most viewed paper in the month of October and 3rd most viewed in November and December.


We now have more than 1000 total syntheses available for browsing in Chemistry By Design.  Thank you to all who have contributed and helped making the site a success and to the 450,000+ visitors in last two years.  Keep on sending us syntheses to upload.  Make Chemistry By Design part of your graduate/undergraduate classes and incorporate it as a  group meeting item


This week QIngliang Yang successfully defended his thesis.  Congrats to Dr. Qingliang Yang on being the 6th Njardarson group member to earn his doctorate.


We have launched on our website first of its kind Fluorinated Pharmaceutical Poster and a Sulfur Containing Pharmaceutical Poster.  These are the first of a new series focused chemical structure.


Congratulations Qingliang on completing your thesis project:  The total synthesis of vinigrol.  A communication detailing these excellent efforts has now been published in Angewandte Chemie International EditionOur vinigrol paper was the 6th most viewed ACIEE paper in July 2013.  Featured in SynForm.  Vinigrol is the most complex natural product ever synthesized at The Unviersity of Arizona or Cornell University (groups first home base).


Dan has received and accepted and offer from Abbvie.  Wonderful, well deserved Dan.


We just uploaded the remaning seven Disease Focused Posters.  Everyone can now access the following twelve disease focused drug posters, which we will update each year:  1) Anti-Infective, 2) Cardiovascular, 3) Nervous System, 4) Sensory Organ, 5) Dermatological Drugs, 6) Oncological , 7) Respiratory System, 8) Muskulo-Skeletal, 9) Endocrine System, 10) Blood and Blood Forming Organ, 11) Genito-Urinary and Sex Hormone and 12) Alimentary Tract and Metabolism drug posters.  Spread the word.


Contratulations to Edon (Eddie) Vitaku for being selected as one of this years David O'Briens Fellowship finalists.  Eddie will present his work to the department on April 26th.


Since 2010, we have been working on creating a new class of posters that build upon the design philosophy of our Top200 drug posters but that aim to capture and present a larger number of pharmaceuticals. We decided to draw the structures of “ALL” the small molecule drugs approved by the US FDA and to present them in new educational poster formats.  Each poster would contain the structures, arranged in a chronological order, of all the small molecules approved for each disease category. The first three are now available (Anti-Infective, Cardiovascular, Nervous System, Sensory Organ and Dermatological Drugs).  I hope you enjoy using them as much as we have enjoyed creating them.  Happy downloads :-).


Nick, who is currently a post-doc with Professor Ron Raines (UW-Madison), has accepted a position as an Assistant Professor at The University of Wisconsin La-Crosse.  Congratulations Nick, fantastic.  Best of luck in your new position.


We have responded to users comments and are pleased to announce that an updated FREE version of Chemistry By Design is now available for download for Apple and Android systems from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  We have added a more user friendy scroll function for browsing and selecting sequences instead of the moveable bar we had in version 1.0.  Again, thanks for all your comments and support of Chemistry By Design (320,000+ visits as of today). 


Since its July 2010 launch, Chemistry By Design (CByD) has been visited 300,000+ times and now contains more than 800+ total syntheses.  Thanks to all of you who have supported CByD.  Keep on sending us syntheses to upload.


We finally completed creating and uploading the Top 200 drug posters.  The posters showcase the top 200 selling and prescribed drugs sold in the US in 2011 (Note:  sales figures only shown for the top 20).  Simply click on the "Top-selling Pharmaceuticals Poster" link on our website where you will find PDF files you can download and Print.  Enjoy :-).


Daniel J. Mack has graduated and is now heading to Evanston to join the group of Regan Thomson at Northwestern University.  Great job Dan and good luck on your Chicago synthesis adentures


Today  is the one year anniversary of Chemistry By Design during which time it has received 170,000 visits and the app versions been downloaded tens and thousands of times.  As of today, CByD features 460+ total syntheses that visitors can enjoy browsing.  Thanks to all who have submitted synthetic sequences, keep them coming and help CByD grow.


In the first 4 months of 2012, the Njardarson group has published five papers in Organic Letters, Angewandte Chemie (2), Journal of Chemical Education and Future Medicinal Chemistry.  Look out for more exciting papers being published in the coming months.


We are pleased to report that with the help of dedicated students, professors and synthetic organic chemistry afficianados from around the world, Chemistry By Design has in the 10 months since it was launched grown to include more than 400 complete total syntheses for everyone to enjoy.  In the same time period, Chemistry By Design was visited more than 150,000 times.  Thank you for your support.  Keep sending us syntheses to add.


Chemistry By Design has been visited more than 80,000 times since it's launch on late June 2011.  Thanks to all who have submitted total synthesis sequences to the site, keep them coming.  We encourage organic chemistry Professors to use it as a supplement for their graduate courses and group meetings.  For a recent news feature oon CbyD see the University of Arizona home page.


We have created and posted on our website two versions of our Top200 Drug Posters.  The classic formate arranges the drugs according to sales figures (US only) and the new one according to number of prescriptions.


Njardarson Group's new educational website, Chemistry By Design(TM), is now officially launched (http://chemistrybydesign.oia.arizona.edu/).  Free APP versions are now available in the Apple and Android stores.  ENJOY!


The Njardarson group just relocated into their new digs in the Carl S. Marvel Chemistry building!


We welcome first year graduate students Isaac and Edon as the two newest members of the Njardarson team.


Our new website was launched on October 22.


Welcome to our two newest group members: undergraduates Gabriela and Ivy.


Fang Li joins our lab as a post doctoral fellow.


We have completed unpacking hundreds of boxes and set up in our temporary space until our new lab space is built. First experiments were run in our new lab at the end of August.


We recruit our forst University of Arizona graduate student. Welcome Boying Guo.


Everyone has arrived in Arizona. It is hot hot hot, but it sure feels good.


Everything in the lab packed and loaded on trucks. Great job Dan, Qingliang and Cristian.


Mauricio moves back to Mexico to take a position as a new faculty at Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila. Congrats Mauricio.


Matt defends his thesis. He is now a post-doctoral fellow with Professor Paul Hergenrother at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Gregg graduates from Cornell and moves to UC Irvine to work for Professor Chris Vanderwal.


Nick defends his thesis. He is now a post-doctoral fellow with Professor Ron Raines at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.